Public Union «Promotion program of revival and integration of East of Ukraine "Donbas" is created with a purpose of protecting the rights and freedoms, to satisfy social, economic, cultural, environmental and other interests of the residents of East of Ukraine.

The organization brings together a wide range of citizens, business entities, founders of SME who care for the future of our country and want to participate in projects of revival and support IDPs (Internally displaced persons).

The organization is located in Kiev but the departments of it will be open in each local community of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and in regions of Ukraine which accepted a large number of IDPs.


Аttracting resources from various sources on the revival and modernization of infrastructure, socio-economic development of Donbas and IDPs;

-help to rebuild business,  job creation;

-improve the investment climate and quality accommodation in eastern Ukraine;

-effective use of energy and environmentally oriented development;

-solving economic problems between public authorities, local authorities, public associations, enterprises, institutions, organizations and their associations;

- development of legislation actions for revival and development of Donbas.  Support to IDPs.



Actions for revival and development of Donbas

Promotion and implementation of measures for revival and reconstruction of destroyed or damaged infrastructure in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions as a result of armed conflict. Contribution and introduction of actions for a social services, housing, industry, business, etc..  Revival and development of areas affected by clashes.

Measures to support IDPs

Promotion and implementation of measures to support economically active IDPs, who left their places of residence because of clashes in these areas. Action on restore their business activities in the new place of residence, job creation and employment growth in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, industry modernization and restoring of the economic potential of these regions.







01054, st. Olesya Gonchara 73, Kiev, Ukraine

Telephone +38 (044) 237-02-73